Luisa Santos is a well known name in her area of expertise, with vast experience in planning events. It takes years of hard work to be an expert in this field, taking the time to perfect all the available tools and keep abreast of innovations.

Luisa is a sensible woman and a devoted mother of two girls. She lives life with enthusiasm and joy. She loves great challenges and is used to fighting for everything she wishes to accomplish.

Event production is one of her great passions, and it’s in the details that she can make the difference! She believes that people make successful businesses and therefore she is focused on building a happy, creative and relaxed team of collaborators.

Her life is her best résumé, and after so many years she is fortunate to say that she still loves her work.

Her life motto is: “Love can change everything!!”


Conferences, seminars, sales meetings, product launches, brand activation, cocktail parties, team building, children's marketing.…
Courtesy, friendliness, elegance, subtlety, responsibility, communication skills, contingency management, sensitivity and team spirit.
Weddings, christenings, birthday parties, special dinners, surprises, marriage proposals.…
Address: Lg. Vitorino Damasio, 3C - Pav. 9, 1200-872 Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 395 8115
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