Because testimonials written in the first person always have greater impact, we are happy to share some of the texts we have had the pleasure of receiving from our satisfied customers.

We have known Luisa Santos since 2008 and have maintained a regular collaboration in the various events we host. We like their professionalism, the ease with which they interpret our needs and how they turn them into reality- everything seems easy. This is a multifaceted team that creates solutions and surprises us with every achievement. Furthermore, the team’s warmth is contagious and makes the preparation of each event feel like a party in itself!

fundacao eugenio almeida

José Mateus Ginó – Diretor Comercial



The assessment that we make from our collaboration over many years with “LUISA SANTOS EVENTOS” is extremely positive. The high quality of the service, as well as the professionalism revealed in all initiatives and actions carried out, always resulted in successful projects. They have a team of dedicated and highly competent professionals. Two words summarise well the skills of this company: “EXCELLENCE and ACCURACY”.

Eduardo Guedes de Oliveira – Representação Institucional


Talking about Luisa Santos and her organisation is a pleasure.
At my son’s wedding in 2009, I hired them because I heard wonderful things simply by word of mouth. It could not have gone better! In 2013, for my daughter’s wedding, of course the only option was to trust LS for the organisation. Why?
Because of her total dedication, commitment and good taste, aiming for the stars just to please her customers, and especially her availability and perfectionism. All this holds great value. Luisa manages to create such a good connection between the mother (client) and fiancés, that she becomes a friend for life. A big thank you to the whole LS team!

Manuela Howorth

Working with the Luisa Santos team means: working with professionalism, with competence, with accuracy, with commitment, with availability to help and always with a smile present. Working like this is a true pleasure. Thank you for your cooperation in our events.

PT  Isabel Reis Louro – Direcção Comunicação Corporativa


The partnership “womenwinwin.com – connecting women & business” has developed with Luisa Santos Eventos has been very rewarding. Luísa Santos, founder and main director of the firm, as the business woman and entrepreneur she is, understood from the beginning the importance in supporting our project and association, thus contributing for the development and promotion of the feminine entrepreneurship in Portugal. Since the womenwinwin.com community launching event, last October, to shaping and networking events, as the “Empower Women by womenwinwin.com”, we’ve been relying on the excellent service provided by Luisa Santos Eventos . In particular, I would like to emphasize the hostess team’s professionalism, with an always-impeccable presentation and constant availability, they strive and commit to overseeing all the details and satisfy all the guests to our events. It’s a privilege to count with Luisa Santos Eventos as a partner and we hope many more projects between our two companies will come in the future!

WomenWinWinMaria José Amich – Fundadora e Presidente


I’ve known Luisa Santos for many years and have always seen in Luísa the features that make her the professional woman she is: dedication, affection, attention to detail, a sharp sense of duty and a limitless creativity. That’s why it doesn’t strike me as a surprise to see the company she leads, as being one of the best references in the market. Throughout the years I’ve resorted, in various occasions and different contexts to her firm’s services and they’ve always been up to the challenge and they even exceeded all my expectations. I also had the opportunity to recommend their services to other companies and Luísa has always honored these recommendations never letting down a client. Congratulations dear Luísa for the rising success. Until Always!

Soledade Carvalho Duarte
Managing Partner

Our first contact with Luisa Santos’s firm, was 5 years ago, at Santinis 60th anniversary celebration. A proposal was presented to us for the party with animations throughout the day and we didn’t hesitate and accepted it. The success was astonishing! Everyone loved it, from costumers to staff. Ever since that day we’ve become loyal customers and in need we resort to the professionalism, seriousness and remarkable competence of all Luisa Santos team. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary, we look forward to the next 70 years!!

Martim de Botton



My experience with Luisa Santos, Production and Event Management (which has already managed three of my personal events, and I still have a daughter to marry), has always been a pleasurable one and, most importantly, we have built a strong relationship based on trust.

I have never forgotten what I was told the first time I met her, and which I consider to be the Team Luisa Santos paradigm: “Do not worry about anything, we will take care of everything, we will handle everything and always do what you like. We just want you to have fun on the day of your party”. And this is what has happened at every event they have organized.

I loved working with the entire team (because I wanted to be a part of the organization) and I always felt, whether in the preparation stage or at the parties themselves, an easygoing way of working and the assurance that everything was planned and well organized. That said, not only did I had fun during the parties but also during the weeks of preparation that preceded them.

All this, I’m sure, is the result of a combination of several factors:
– Professionalism
– A young and dynamic team
– Good suppliers
– 100% availability
– Total dedication
– Good taste
– Affection.

Much more could be said, but the most important thing is that I have built good friendships and I miss those wonderful days of organising some of the defining events in my life. This reminds me… it’s time to think of yet another celebration…


Luisa Santos Eventos is a firm that stands out for its professionalism, accuracy, quality of service and ability to understand the needs of the costumers,, ensuring that all the events reflect an amazing environment. Luisa Santos Eventos team brings out a constant joy to all working process. Its dynamism and creativity are always present. Confidence is the key to a brilliant relationship with Luisa Santos Eventos.

Matilde Paiva Raposo – Comunicação



Working with Luisa Santos is turning a simple dinner, meeting or party into an unforgettable experience for all involved. She can always surprise us with her suggestions, giving each place a unique atmosphere, which makes people remember that spectacular dinner or that decor and unforgettable night, many years later (yes, because we have worked together for many years). In addition, the professionalism of the whole team and the way they manage each new challenge always puts us at ease… we know it will all go well and will be unforgettable. Thank you!

Gabriela Fialho – Export Manager



I am very familiar with the work of the Luisa Santos team because we have hired them repeatedly, whether for organising events of a personal or professional nature. What I appreciate most in an event management company is their ability to add value to the experience after the initial briefing and, additionally, their organisational and negotiating skills. These are the two qualities I have found in the Luisa Santos team that make them my choice as a partner. Thank you.

Charles Arié

charles arie



Luísa combines great experience and professionalism with extraordinary taste. Furthermore, she genuinely likes what she does and that always reflects on the quality of the proposals and the performance of her team.

Margarida Ferreirinha

I encountered Luisa Santos’ work on a professional context. Including many demanding projects, among them the opening of Compal’s new factory in 2003. They all went beautifully. I’ve also relied on its professionalism and dedication for private events. A well-trained and very disciplined team on which I rely one hundred per cent. It’s the ideal partner for the organization of events of any dimension, however demanding.

Beatriz Águas


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